Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Joys of Sunny Nairobi

The changes in where matatus and buses can and can't stop and pick up passengers continue to be implemented haphazardly, causing much confusion. I tried to get a 111 today at the corner outside the railway station. However, there was a small but very well hung policewoman, lasing out at people and vehicles with her truncheon. People kept well back and matatus ignored her, but people were unable to board vehicles. I steered clear of her truncheon and wandered around, trying to guess where the matatus would allow people to board. In the end, I spotted a 111 in a traffic jam and got on, knowing that the tout would never refuse business. It still took a long time to reach my destination but a slow matatu is better than nothing. Unfortunately, I found that, by the time I had arrived, someone had relieved me of my passport. Now I need to spend some time hanging around, trying to sort that one out.

Anyhow, the purpose of my matatu ride was to visit the offices of ICROSS (International Community for the Relief of Suffering and Starvation). I'm hoping to work for them. But waiting for a passport will delay that process somewhat. I'll just have to while away my time reading up on the work they do and anything relating to that work. But I'd really like to get out of Nairobi, it's becoming far too expensive.

And it's not sunny here, that was meant to be ironic.


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