Saturday, August 22, 2009

IYAP Kenya's New Blog

Photo: The strong wind that whips up the dust blows for much of the year and residents seem oblivious to it.

Isiolo Youth Against Aids and Poverty (IYAP) now have a blog, so you will be able to follow their activities as they continue to provide their services and introduce new services and facilities.

This week, the IYAP team spent most of the week operating their mobile clinic on the streets in and around Isiolo. At present, the weather is dry and very windy. So there is a cloud of reddish dust everywhere and everything quickly gets covered. But this hasn't put the team off and they tested over 250 people over four days.

A few months ago, IYAP were wondering how they would manage to raise money to continue their activities. But recently, Liverpool VCT (the organisation that trains most of Kenya's voluntary counsellors) have agreed to provide them with payment for the testing work they do and to help them meet some of their other costs. This will allow them to achieve their objectives and the team has breathed a big sigh of relief.

In the next few weeks, IYAP will be finding out what they can do with a blog and they will be launching a small, hosted site, displaying their contact details and the like. I'll make an announcement here when the site is available.


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