Thursday, July 30, 2009

Leaders Nail their Colours to the Mau Forest

The Kenyan Government is to release the identities of some of the people involved in land grabbing in the Mau Forest. People may be shocked to hear that some of those involved were business leaders, political leaders and the Catholic church.

Of course, they may not be shocked. They may simply shrug their shoulders, because business, political and religious leaders have always been involved in the filthiest of excesses. There's never been much the electorate could do about that, except to shrug their shoulders.

Also implicated in the deals were former president Daniel Moi (it would be surprising if he were not involved in such a lucrative deal) and various other politicians, wealthy people and big businesses.

The amounts of land being discussed are only a fraction of the area of land that has been grabbed and if this is to be a typical story, the grabbers will be mainly wealthier people and organizations rather than poor people who have few other options for survival.

And just to make matters worse, Raila Odinga has tried to give the whole affair a tribal angle. Perhaps he's starting the next election campaign early.


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