Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Appeal For Help

Dear readers and followers of the HIV in Kenya blog:

I have been studying and travelling around East Africa for the last 14 months. During that time I have been looking for work, preferably HIV related work. However, I have not yet found an organisation that can support me to work here.

I don't need a salary or large expenses, just help with day to day living. But the most important thing is getting a working visa. This is difficult and expensive and only some organisations are able to obtain these visas, even for voluntary workers.

I don't have a background in public health but I have been studying HIV for some time and would very much like to continue in the field. I am particularly interested in HIV prevention but I would consider any work in development.

The working environment is not an issue, whether urban, rural, slum, refugee camp, etc.

If anyone knows of any organisations that have an immediate need for volunteers to work in HIV related work I would love to hear from them.

Thank you in anticipation.



Tamaku said...

You have built up an invaluable well of information on this blog and I pray that you'll continue to do so within these borders. I'll link to this post on my blog. Thanks again.

Simon said...

Hi Tamaku, that's great, thanks, I know you have a lot of followers! Well, I'm sure I'll get back here, I just don't know how or when. But I'll be around online. Regards, Simon